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Design unites:
meaning, people and

Today we are in a consumer society where companies execute daily strategies generally aimed at the same result as a war: win the sale.
If we want to achieve sales growth, it is not enough to have a website and advertisements strategically distributed on the internet or physically. To activate the purchase or partnership decision, the whole identity concept of a company and these products and / or services should be associated with a certain emotional background like a human personality.

An advertisement that influences opinion stimulates the mind of the consumer. This means that people make sense not only of the quality of the content, but of the ambivalent feeling of the product and / or service to sell.
Go out, get information, stay connected ... My job is to stay closer to the users to simply understand them better.

The challenge of Mondefama is to provide innovative design solutions and a centered perspective to people with the goal of creating fun and exciting advertising media through a study based on the understanding and of the customer experience among others…

This philosophy of design that takes into account the interests of the client and the wishes of the organization is central to my strategy.
In 2020, faced with new European legislations imposing the respect of private life, brand design becomes an integrating force to activate the motivation of purchase, the credibility and the notoriety of the brand.

I use technology to create realistic design but not only ... For a Brand, technology offers me a range of performance indicators to use in order to assess improvements in the user experience and consumer engagement through my work.

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