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Creative marketing unites:
ideas, meaning and
thinking success

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What motivates me?

For all marketing professionals, juniors and seniors, for strategists and artists, Mondefama is another world, stimulating creativity and strategies with ideas, ideals and a zest of paradoxical imagination in the evolving marketing industry. It is because Mondefama believes in investing in moral and ethical value, in common efforts and in the intelligence of everyone, that success is achievable for all people.

What is going on in the marketing industry today?

The exponential evolution of technology, communication, as well as public attitudes motivate us to listen to trends, fashions and their impacts to imagine new marketing campaigns in new strategies:
Social Listening, Transversal Design and Growth Hacking.


Collect data, analyze and correct the weaknesses of the brand / project.

Focus on the public / consumer (insights and tensions) as well as on services and / or products. Learn more as needed. Identify new Targets and new opportunities in the market.

Support branding and communication strategy with disruptive methods: Storytelling. Branded Content. Growth Hacking Marketing.

Create the marketing campaigns. Support, coordinate actions, teams, artists thanks to my knowledge in marketing, design, video production, web among others.

do I help

I offer my expertise, a sometimes-disruptive vision and my imagination in a new perceptual to support you in your project.

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